Collecting Prints

Since 2011, Thomas Stanworth photographic prints have been purchased directly at exhibition by private collectors as far apart as Paris, Cape Town, Rome, London and Washington, D.C. However, these international award-winning photographs are now available directly from the photographer. Further information on edition structure and pricing is below.

Each print is made to the highest of standards and signed by the photographer. They are not available via galleries or third parties and it is intended that they won't be (until editions are sold out).

The name/number of each photograph, the type of print available, edition size and price level are all shown at the bottom left corner of the image in their respective galleries. You can find a full price list here.

  Boxer Showering, Russians & Royals, Afghanistan

Boxer Showering, Russians & Royals, Afghanistan

  Goal, Russians & Royals, Afghanistan

Goal, Russians & Royals, Afghanistan

Giclée Limited Editions

All series that are not listed below under Silver Gelatin Editions, or Special editions, are available as giclée prints. Prices are standardised for all prints of this type. At the time of writing, this includes:

All giclée prints are available as Limited Editions of no more than 20 prints (with two artist copies). Prices for a given image will increase with every five prints sold until the print is sold out. At that point, no further photographic prints will be made.

Limited Edition prints begin at £90, for a Level 1 A3 (approx. 16.5"x11") print. A2 (approx. 24"x16") prints begin at £140, excluding P&P.

See Full Price List for information on larger sizes.


*** Limited Edition prints will not have any photo quality prints produced of any kind at any size, beyond the stated edition maximum. The collector's details are recorded for each print sold and the image will be retired when the edition is sold out ***


Silver Gelatin Limited Editions

The following series were shot on film and are available as Silver Gelatin prints. They are available as Limited editions.

  The Disorder of Species, India

The Disorder of Species, India

Prints from the above series are limited to a maximum run of six prints only (with two artist copies), irrespective of size. The editions very small, due to the highly unique nature of many of the photographs. 

Silver Gelatin prints start at £250 and you can see more information about print sizes and specific prices here

Special Editions

A small selection of specific photographs are only available in very small Special Editions of up to seven prints. I am offering these images as Special Editions because of the unique nature of the photographs and their presentation. You can see details of all Special Edition Photographs Here.

 'Constellation', from   Terrestrial Cosmos

'Constellation', from Terrestrial Cosmos

The example above, Constellation, is available as a spectacular 180cm (approx. 6') Acrylic over Aluminium Dibond Print, in an edition of four copies. All other prints in Terrestrial Cosmos are available as per standard giclée editions and pricing.

The series West To East is available only as a full set of the twelve 13x18cm (approx. 5"x7") prints, arranged together in a single mount (a digital representation is shown below). This is a limited edition of eight copies.

                   West To East

                West To East


Multiple Purchases

Orders of three to four prints will receive the lowest priced print at half price. Orders of five to six prints will receive the lowest priced print for free. Larger or especially valuable orders will be dealt with on an individual basis.

How to Order

Just email or telephone with details of the photograph you wish to purchase, including as much of the following information as you can:

  1. Name of photo series/project
  2. Name or number of photograph
  3. Size of print you want

I will reply with a screenshot of the photograph, confirmation of the price and payment information (payment is via bank transfer or PayPal at present). I will also be able to let you know the anticipated lead time, which will be between one and four weeks depending on the type of print and the delivery address.